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  • Aired on April 15th 20:00 CEST 2023
  • Flatline Voyages
  • Genre: Sound Art / Docufiction
  • Duration: 60 min

Chelidon Frame

Chelidon Frame is an experimental electronic music project that mainly works with field recordings, radio interferences, guitars and processed sounds.

His installations are experience-based and suggest a dialogue between the location (both virtual and physical) and the sounds proposed, aiming to deliver a message in the simpler yet most effective way. The use of code, data analysis and data-driven sounds, allow information to be experienced anew.

In his studio works and live sets, different layers of sounds – guitars, synthesizers and custom-made instruments – piles up creating unexpected new soundscapes. He is the founder of the Asynchronous Drone Orchestra.

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Re-thinking radio as an exhibition space for experimental sound art and electronic music.


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