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  • Aired on April 15th 16:00 CEST 2023
  • Look, the snowflakes are moving upwards
  • Genre: Fixed Media
  • Duration: 30 min

Karmen Ponikvar

Karmen Ponikvar (1994) is a Slovenian sound artist and researcher in the field of electronic and electroacoustic music. Her practice includes recording, listening, composing and performing with the use of analog electronics, modular synths, field recordings and computer processing. She is currently enrolled in the Bachelor study program in Sonology at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague. As a sound synthesist, she works and performs under the duo Lip Rouge, and has released works on labels Senzorama (2021), Kamizdat (2022) and a debut EP on AmbientSoup (2022). She is a co-founder of experimental event series Zvočni Lišp in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which supports local artists, and breathes new life into abandoned places.

The work is about approaching a new, unfamiliar place with searching and curious ear. In its silent exploration, it is an attempt to capture urban noises that reveal the poetry of the space, taking radio as an opportunity to stimulate listening as a communal activity and to refresh our acoustic sensitivity. Highlighted recording was made in March 2023 on a day that snow made its rare appearance, leaving sonic fingerprints and setting the atmosphere for this multi-layered soundscape composition. Musical narrative revolves around transformation of field recordings, gradually blending with modulated feedback, offering an immersion in a meditative state.

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Re-thinking radio as an exhibition space for experimental sound art and electronic music.


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