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  • Aired on April 15th 03:00 CEST 2023
  • Imprisonments – Sonic Voyage of Resistance
  • Genre: Field Recording, Spoken Word
  • Duration: 180 min
  • Hours 6, 7, 8 from the 22 hours program ’Sonic Voyage of Resistance’ created for Radio Art Zone. This segment is dealing entirely with the imprisonment of Palestinian civilians and activists by the Israeli occupation.

Meira Asher

Composer, performer and Human Rights activist Meira Asher primarily uses the medium of Sound art and Radio art. Graduate of CalArts and KonCon, she was co-founder of the bodylab art foundation with Guy Harries (2001-11) where they produced several projects including Infantry and Woman See Lot of Things.

She is a lecturer at Haifa university’s Art School since 2012 and producer of the independent Radioart show radioart106 since 2014. Her works were released on Crammed, Sub Rosa, Auditorium, Raash Records and Ultima Ratio labels. Her recent works include TANSIKتنسيق for Radio Reina Sofia Madrid, Antonin Artaud’s radio essay To Have Done with the Judgement of God and Colonial War and Mental Disorders by duo Asher.Zax and Dave Phillips, based on Frantz Fanon’s writings.

Credit notes for the piece: Sahar Frances, Human Rights Lawyer, Director of Addameer association; Ramallah. Maher al-Akhras, from the show “Hunger for Justice” produced for Radia.fm; Voiceover assistance: Liam Evans; Interpreter: Samia Nasser; Translation: Dareen Tatour, Samia Nasser.

Female prisoners’ letters compiled and edited by Dareen Tatour; Deema al-Wawi – read by Laila Abd Elrazaq; Lina Jarbouni – read by Antye Greie; Isra’a Ja’abis – read by Meira Asher; Dareen Tatour – read by Einat Weitzman.

Music: ‘Oh mountain climbers’, Rim Banna ‘RESISTSISTER’, Isa Stragliati, from the #poemontrial campaign for and w/ Dareen Tatour. ‘From inside the cell, I heard you mother, calling me’, Mais Shalash.

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