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  • Aired on April 15th 09:30 CEST 2023
  • Neutral Ground
  • Genre: Fixed Media
  • Duration: 15 min
  • Feeling of strangeness, otherness, sound and sensory travel.

    Musical adaptation of Norman Spinrad's science fiction short story (1966)

    By Garance Navarro-Ugé with Alex Fortin and Laurent Isnard voices; additional drums by Paul Cossé.

Garance Navarro-Ugé

Born in Toulouse in 1991, sound artist and social scientist. In my artistic practice, I associate
sound recording and music, in order to give life to philosophical and sociological questions. I
produce sound creations mixing sound recordings, musical compositions and radio fictions. I am a
sound performer in the radio theater – LeCri – and in the Collective IRMA, improvisations and
researches for the Acousmatic Massage. I have participated in other musical projects: keyboardist
and chorister for Cam Wiked, chorister for Initials Bouviers-Bernois and Habile Bill.

Initiated to radio by Radio Brume, Lyon, I multiply today the angles of research by proposing
original sound objects mixing music and documentary. My approach is to create an aesthetic and
musical work. I consider the sound work as a means of free expression which opens the way to the
confidence of the participants, while keeping a certain modesty which avoids hasty criticisms on the
physical appearance and the social condition. Moreover, because they mobilize only the auditory
sense, sound objects are a means of immersing oneself in a powerful imaginary, having a great
power of collective gathering, notably during listening sessions but also, individually, in daily life.

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Re-thinking radio as an exhibition space for experimental sound art and electronic music.


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