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  • Aired on April 15th 17:00 CEST
  • Aurinko Fusion March
  • Genre: Experimental
  • Duration: 20 min
  • Primordial nucleosynthesis.


“Every time I think of the sun, the sun is fusing hydrogen atoms in its core at this moment, as if the first element was born in the primordial. Then two atomic nuclei are fused together to form a heavier nucleus and release energy, light photons travel outwards from the core and eventually reach the surface of the sun, where they are emitted as radiation and a broad spectrum of electromagnetic waves…

When I receive radio waves and imagine that sound signals are transmitted through the air by radio waves, a free consciousness is formed from the light signals, innumerable communications weaving in the web and inseparable from life. 

Singing comes out from ruins, reconstruct with what we remain. A free spirit will overcome this life. Believe that everything that happens has the potential to fuse and emit light.”

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Re-thinking radio as an exhibition space for experimental sound art and electronic music.


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